Friday, May 25, 2012

Works in progress

Goodness! Has it really been six months since I last posted on my blog? Yikes! Sorry about that. :) I spend more time on Facebook than I should, I guess. Doesn't everyone?

In the last few months, I've been relaxing a little, working a little, and writing a little. I started working on a novel that I've been wanting to write for at least 15 years, but my muse decided to take me in a different direction. I suppose that story's time has not yet come. Instead, I'm working on two new novels.

The first is a science fiction novel featuring a cure for psychopathy. Science fiction is always fun because I get to do lots of interesting research. For a geek like me who loves science, that's one of the funnest parts about writing. Did you know that, according to Dr. Robert Hare, a world-famous psychologist renowned for his work with psychopaths both inside and outside of prisons, approximately 1% to 2% of our population are psychopaths? This personality disorder is one of the most destructive, leaving heartbreak, empty wallets, and sometimes death in its wake. Although most psychopaths are not murderers, their inability to experience guilt makes them particularly adept at getting whatever they want, no matter the cost.

The second is a fantasy novel, the first of a two-book series that delves into the secrets and scandals associated with King Arek's reign. We know that the evil wizard Crigoth Sevae had used a summoning rune to try to usurp the throne. Where did that rune come from in the first place? That is what Gavin Kinshield intends to find out...

Writing one novel in one's spare time is hard enough, but two? I definitely have my work cut out for me. If all goes well, I'll manage to get at least one of them finished this year, but who knows? Life happens.