Thursday, May 12, 2011

Estimating time to launch

For the last few months, I've been working on the sequel to The Kinshield Legacy which I'm calling The Wayfarer King. What I've learned is that sequels are much harder to write than the original book was! There are all kinds of story facts and events that have to line up. I wouldn't want to write something in The Wayfarer King that would require an event in The Kinshield Legacy to have happened differently. I have to work with what's already happened and "fit" future events around them. If you've read The Kinshield Legacy, you know that what Gavin is going through is a direct result of something that happened 200 years earlier... and a lot happened back then!

So presuming I have everything written the way I want it by the end of May (my goal date), I can get my revisions done in June and edits done in July. Somewhere in there, I hope to find a beta reader or two to keep me honest, and then hopefully, if I make all my goal dates, launch in August! I'm really excited to get this story finished and into readers' hands. I think y'all will like it. I hope you do, anyway. I'm taking a little bit of a risk with one aspect of the story, so we'll see!