Thursday, April 24, 2014

Excerpt from Song of the Sea Spirit

"Working under the glow of two lamps, Jora Lanseri sat hunched at her workbench. The scent of tanned leather and oil had long since faded from her notice, for the night was late or the morning early. She wasn't sure which. With every tap of her hammer on the awl, the moment grew closer that Jora would have to say goodbye to her dearest friend. It was no wonder the tools felt so heavy in her hands. The holes she punched into the leather strap might as well have been going directly into her heart."
~Opening lines from Song of the Sea Spirit

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Song of the Sea Spirit

I've been working on a new fantasy story in a new land with a different sort of magic -- the ability to see the Truth. Imagine if there were no need for lawyers or juries because the judges themselves could review actual scenes of burglaries, assaults, and murders exactly as they happened, pausing the scene as it played out to examine the details.

Gone are the days of false imprisonment and wrongful executions... or are they?

Introducing Book 1 of The Mindstream Chronicles...

Song of the Sea Spirit

The story features a woman from a small town in war-torn Serocia, whose penchant for a long-lost magic garners unwanted attention from some powerful people who will stop at nothing to wrest this knowledge for themselves.

Jora Lanseri hopes to marry and bear sons, as her duty to Serocia requires, but she possesses an uncommon skill—the ability to enter the Mindstream to Witness any event in the present or past. Her plans are interrupted when two men arrive in her hometown and insist she accompany them to the capitol to serve Serocia with her Mindstreaming skill. After being inducted into the Order of Justice Officials and beginning her training as a Truth Sayer, she Witnesses a shocking crime, jeopardizing the lives of everyone she cares about—including her own.

But Jora has a secret. With the aid of a friendly dolphin, she's been slowly unraveling the mystery of the Spirit Stones, the ancient, singing sculptures that are at the very heart of the crime. Will the sculptures' unfolding mysteries help save her people from a never-ending war, or will they lead Jora down a path of destruction that threatens everything—and everyone—she has worked to protect?

See my guest post on Nathan Lowell's blog about the concept for this story. This is book 1 of The Mindstream Chronicles, an epic fantasy adventure. One more novel is planned in the series. Sign up for my newsletter to find out about book releases, subscriber-only giveaways, contests, and surveys.

Release day: Song of the Sea Spirit is planned for ebook release on Monday, May 5th at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. It should become available at Kobo and iTunes the following week, and in paperback shortly after that.