Monday, October 22, 2012

Revision time!

I've spent most of the year working on my next novel, which still doesn't have a proper title. For a time, I tried writing two novels simultaneously, but I realized that I wasn't getting either one done very quickly. I decided to set aside the science fiction novel for now and focus on finishing the story of Gavin Kinshield.

And now, my favorite part of writing has begun: revisions. This is where I get to fix what's broken in the story. I don't worry about getting the words right. Not yet. That'll come in the editing phase. For now, I'm adding warning signs (foreshadowing), setting up roadblocks (conflict and obstacles), and repairing pot holes (logic problems).

Those who've read the first series, The Kinshield Saga, learned that Crigoth Sevae sent Ritol to attack King Arek, but like Gavin, they don't know why. In the first book in this new two-book series, Gavin's main focus is answering that question. Of course, in doing so, he uncovers a new problem that must be resolved before he can even hope to live happily ever after...

Planned release date: late December 2012. If you want to be the first to know the exact date, sign up for my newsletter!