Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The second half really sucks"

Whenever a new review of my books is posted, I get both excited and apprehensive. Did the reviewer like it? hate it? love it? In particular, reviews of The Venom of Vipers are always scary when the reviewer identifies himself or herself as a scientist because, well, I'm not. So when I saw that a review had been posted on Goodreads for it, I eagerly and warily began reading. And I came upon this phrase:

"Science aside, the first half of the book was interesting and entertaining character development and backstory. The second half really sucks you in and becomes exciting and suspenseful."

On reading the first part of that second sentence, "The second half really sucks," my heart fell just about to my feet. My tear ducts sat up and said, "Hello!" I actually had to read it again to realize the reviewer liked it.

We writers are such an emotional lot, aren't we?


GraceKrispy said...

teehee! I love your interpretation! I do that kind of thing all the time ;)

Congrats on another great review!

K.C. May said...

Thanks, Grace! :D