Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another sale for The Venom of Vipers!

I'd put The Venom of Vipers on sale for 99c at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords last week when it was featured on After the sale, it went back to $2.99, but Kobobooks received the updated price from Smashwords and dropped the price for it to 99c. Yesterday, Amazon's price-matching bots found it and automatically matched the price.

So... for a limited time (how limited, I don't know), The Venom of Vipers is on sale at Amazon for 99 cents! If you like a little thriller with your sci-fi, check it out! Currently it's rated 4.8/5.0 with 11/12 5-star reviews.

"The Venom of Vipers is insightful, creative and just such an incredible piece of fiction, highly recommended."
--Antony at  SF Book Reviews

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