Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Reader

Now and then, a reader makes a comment in a review or in an email that I really want to address.

About The Kinshield Saga

Reader quote: "Lastly, the ending is a bit open ended. The universe lives on and there is more action to come, though we might not have the pleasure of reading about it."

Dear Reader,

All I can say is "Mwahahahaha!" There's a new two-book Kinshield series in the works. Those who've read both of The Kinshield Saga books know that someone survives unexpectedly. One can assume that the character faces justice for treason and dies in prison and that's the end of the story, but I can't *really* leave it at that, can I? Besides, we still don't know why Crigoth Sevae summoned Ritol to kill King Arek in the first place. That story still needs to be told!

Reader quote: "I really wanted more storyline with Brawna!"

Dear Reader,

You'll be pleased to know that Brawna The Blade returns in book one of the next Kinshield series. I didn't feel I could use her in The Wayfarer King because she had more to learn at the Viragon Sisterhood, but now that Thendylath has a king on the throne... well, things change. Brawna finds her way back to Gavin's side, and though she's young and inexperienced, her passion for protecting him and her natural skill prove valuable.

Reader quote: "Feanna is a little too perfect to be much of a three-dimensional character..."

Dear Reader,

Feanna definitely rises to the challenge of caring for more children than she can afford to because she cares so deeply for them. She has room to grow, like Gavin did in the beginning of The Kinshield Legacy, and she'll be put to the test in book one of the new series. Will love be enough to inspire her to action?

I'm about half-way through the first draft, but it's picking up steam. My goal is to have book one out by Christmas. Wish me luck!

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