Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sole Sacrifice

I'm super happy to announce that my novella, Sole Sacrifice, has a new cover! Not only is the artwork of superior quality (and more relevant to the story), but the layout and typography match The Kinshield Saga novels, which take place in the same world. Many thanks to artist and author T.M. Roy for this much-needed facelift!

For comparison, here's the original cover:

All updates have been submitted to the various ebook retail stories, but as of right now, only the Kindle edition has gone live with the new cover. The others should get updated within the next week.

If you haven't read this novella yet, download a free copy! It tells the story of Sithral Tyr, a character in The Kinshield Saga. Though the events in the novella take place before the Saga begins, you can read and enjoy the Saga before (or without) reading Sole Sacrifice. This novella explains Tyr's circumstances and how the cat figurine came to be.

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