Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's with all the titles?

The Venom of Vipers. Blood Pact. Inhuman Salvation.

Um, yeah. About that...

I originally released a science fiction novel in 2010 under the title The Venom of Vipers. It sold fairly well for a time, and then fell into obscurity. Nothing I did seemed to do much good, despite the fact that it was getting consistently good reviews.

In an effort to figure out why this poor book stopped selling, I tried a title change at some retail stores to no avail. Feedback I received from objective third parties suggested that the title The Venom of Vipers and the cover art weren’t doing what they were supposed to—attract fans of science fiction. I removed the book from sale for a time to work on remedying both issues.

Which brings me to now. I've re-released the book formerly known as The Venom of Vipers (and Blood Pact) under its new (and hopefully last) title, Inhuman Salvation! (Thanks to the fine folks who frequent reddit for suggesting better titles for me to pick from.)

As you can tell by the biohazard symbol, this is a story about a deadly virus that's wiping out the human race. The flames symbolize the urgent nature of the situation. The green is pretty. (What can I say? I like green!) As for the inhuman part, well, here. Have a look at the blurb.

A supervirus threatens to wipe out the human race.

The only hope for the future is a cure hidden inside the human hybrid Ryder Stone. Created in a lab and brutalized, betrayed and hated by humans, Ryder yearns for freedom. On the outside, a group of human genetic purists want him dead.

When Katie Marsh, a brilliant young geneticist, discovers his secret, she must fight to protect Ryder, gain his trust, and convince him to save humanity before the purists destroy them all.

I'm offering this updated version of the book in its new clothes for 99¢ for a limited time. Just look at all the wonderful things people have said about it!

"It's an interesting premise and a nice slant on the whole apocalypse angle and it's told in a remarkably clear and intelligent manner. The plot is just superb..."

"In all, I had a very, very good time with The Venom of Vipers. It’s a poignant and fast-paced melding of science fiction, drama, and mystery. KC May solidifies herself as a writer to look out for in the future. She has something to say, she’s not afraid to say it, and she’s damn good at telling her story."
~Author Robert Duperre on his blog The Journal of Always

"When I started reading K.C. May’s The Venom of Vipers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The book does not fit neatly into a specific genre. It has a little science fiction, a little mystery, and a little thriller aspects to it. May neatly combines elements of those genres to develop her story that stands out in its own right."
~Greg Arnett on his blog Kindle Books Reviewed

"K.C. May offers readers a fast paced plot. The plot flows smoothly with never a glitch. ... The characters are likable and well developed. ... This is a fascinating book that will please fans of sci-fi and fantasy."
~Readers Favorite

"K. C. May has spun another captivating tale. With this second novel, she once again proves that she knows how to string a story to maintain reader interest. The story flows along cleanly, and the transitions are smooth and do much to carry the reader along. The storyline itself is quite engaging. The idea that a virus could be slowly killing off the entire human population is not too out of the realm of possibility, and some of the ideas the author introduces in this tale are quite amazing, yet believable. It was a compelling read that was able to sweep me away."
~Grace Krispy on her blog Motherlode

"The Venom of Vipers is a fast paced read with an interesting kick, exciting characters, and a unique story. I really enjoyed the pace and the believability of a future time and place in our possible history. In addition to being a futuristic thriller with a bizarre twist, the book is a great read that will keep you turning the pages and following the characters."
~Blog Critic

"I was delighted at how seamlessly The Venom of Vipers tied the real science in with the science fiction. You could almost even call it science future since the theory behind the concept is real (transgenic organisms). I was also thrilled with how the author incorporated the science content- the conversations were believable and the science was explained well enough that someone without a science background wouldn’t be lost."
~Goodreads reviewer MG

"The Venom of Vipers" is a unique and intriguing work of science fiction, highly recommended.
~Midwest Book Review

""Blown Away", "Riveted", "An Up-All-Nighter" - none of those catchy tag lines do justice to the way it grabbed my attention and held me captive until the last chapter."
~Matthew Keith Reviews

"an enjoyable and entertaining read"
~Big Al's Books and Pals

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Thea Atkinson said...

I really enjoyed this book as Venom of Vipers. I highly recommend it.

K.C. May said...

Thanks, Thea! The inside is 99.9% the same -- I deleted the year from the date at the beginning of each chapter to keep it futuristic, even as time passes in the real world. :)

Rosanne Licata said...

Loved the Kinshield Saga (read all four one after the other). My first glimpse of the cover of "Inhuman Salvation" saw a slice of green pepper. Oops! My bad. I'll read the story under any title; the author name is the most important bit of info to me. Who wrote the story? K.C. May? Awright, then!

K.C. May said...

Thank you, Rosanne! So glad you loved the Saga. One of the challenges of being an indie author is getting visibility. If people don't know the books exist, they won't read them. :) A snappy cover (even one that looks like a slice of green pepper) will hopefully draw a second look. hehe

david neave said...
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david neave said...

Hey K.C,
I read the original 'venom of viper's' and it was brilliant, ever thought about putting it to film..? i'm so glad you have written another kinshield novel, I cant wait! The first four were so good it deserved another story.
even though it is before the others, great stuff.