Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest post

Author R. Mac Wheeler invited me to be a guest poster on his blog series about the elements of story: plot, action, character and setting. Here's how I see it:

While you're there, check out Mac's vast array of books! He writes fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and suspense.

In other news, yesterday I sent out my first ever email newsletter. I'll be announcing my book updates in the newsletter before I do so anywhere else. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, you can subscribe here.


R. Mac Wheeler said...


When I was testing your link, I scoped out your site again...grinned we have so much in common.

I love my Rottie (have fostered in the past, all my pups are rescues)

I've been known to jump out of a perfectly good plane too.

In my youth...I was a gym rat, though never thought of myself as a bodybuilder...just someone who worked out.

Lived in the desert SW 29 years...before moving to FL.

And have you seen my picture of Molly and me on my Goldwing?


K.C. May said...

I love that picture! If I ever get another motorcycle, I'd want to get a side car so I can take my pup with me. We *do* have a lot in common! Pretty wild! Now, if you also love chocolate, I'm going to think it's downright spooky.