Thursday, September 06, 2012

How many of you have enjoyed listening to audiobooks? I used to listen to them in my car when I was on the road, and they sure helped to pass the time. The Kindle has text-to-speech, but it's not perfect, though it is nice to have in a pinch. I decided late in July to create an audiobook edition for The Venom of Vipers. 
I went to and interviewed a few narrators, found one whose voice was terrific, and got started. Unfortunately, she had some technical issues that made creating quality audio recordings next to impossible and had to bow out. My dilemma was to find someone else or try recording it myself. The benefit to hiring a voice actor is, of course, quality of the voice acting. :) At one time, I was a pretty darned good actress, myself, but my voice doesn't have the kind of quality to make birds sing or men's knees go weak. Rumor has it, audiobook listeners really enjoy hearing the author read the story herself. 
Now, this isn't the greatest recording ever made, but it's a decent first try, I think. How about you? Have a listen and tell me what you think. Too fast? Too slow? Should I keep going, or get someone who knows what she's doing?

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