Monday, December 31, 2012

First blog review for Well of the Damned

Many of us authors are excited yet terrified to see reviews of our work. We're in this at least partly to entertain people. When we succeed, it's like a party inside our head. When we fail... well, it feels bad. We know we can't please everyone, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to. ("I'm going to be the first author in the history of the world to thrill every single person who reads my book!" hahaha)

Book bloggers read a lot. It's what they do, right? Because they read so much, it's easy to find bloggers who like the same kinds of stories, writing, etc. as we do. Following them can yield some great book recommendations.

If you enjoy reading indie books & discovering new authors, head on over to the Indie Book Blog and read Scott's reviews and author interviews. Most recently, he has posted his review of my new release, Well of the Damned.

Oh, and since he doesn't get paid to give readers a heads up on books he reads, please consider using the link at the bottom of the reviews to buy the books he's convinced you to try. :)


Debra L Martin said...

Congrats on that review - it's fantastic!

K.C. May said...

Thanks! Definitely made my day. :)