Thursday, January 10, 2013

Excerpt from a hidden journal

Sithral Tyr had sold one of Crigoth Sevae's old journals to the wizard Brodas Ravenkind, but there was one journal that Tyr kept hidden, waiting for the right time to sell it... or trade it for his life.

It was quite by accident that I overheard old King Dantrek on his deathbed confide to Prince Arek that there exists a wellspring high in the mountains that his father, King Ivam, had some interest in for its secret magical properties. According to legend — a legend that King Ivam had worked hard to discredit — drinking of the Wellspring had the potential to permanently raise a person's spirit to the purest form. Not only would this effect eliminate crime, it would also inspire a sense of community such as the world has never seen. There would be no more hunger, no more poverty. I have never heard of this wellspring, but the notion of it intrigues me. I will endeavor to learn more about it.

from Well of the Damned, book 3 of The Kinshield Saga.

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