Saturday, September 13, 2014

And a glint of wet steel


Jora glimpsed movement—a man. A stranger. He moved silently into another room, but all Jora could sense were darker shadows among lighter ones.

And a glint of wet steel.


He entered another home where a lamp was burning. A woman was asleep in a rocker, an infant in her arms. Jora watched him, a shaven-headed soldier covered in blood, creep toward them.

No, Jora thought. Please don't.

She couldn't bear to watch what he did to them, but she saw his face as he did it. It was filled with madness and rage, and a perverse pleasure gleamed in his eyes.

A rag doll with yellow yarn ponytails tumbled to the floor and lay still.


Jora Lanseri has the uncommon ability to enter the Mindstream to witness any event in the present or past. After beginning her training as a Truth Sayer in the Order of Justice Officials, Jora witnesses a shocking crime. Jora begins a dangerous quest to bring the culprit to justice, but the deeper she probes, the more she learns that greed and corruption hold benevolence hostage.

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