Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's official!

My novel was officially published today. A free sample (the first six chapters) is available at ArcheBooks.com

The eBook is available for purchase now at ArcheBooks.com

The hardcover will be available for purchse on Dec 30, 2005 from ArcheBooks.com at a 25% discount, and on 1/20/06 from amazon.com and bn.com (at full retail). It will appear in the book distributors' catalogs at the end of the year for order by bookstores. You can request it from your local bookseller by the ISBN number: 1-59507-116-4

It's a dreamy, surrealistic feeling to know I'm actually a published novelist now. I can't wait until I hold in my hands my bound, printed book with real pages and words inside. And a cover! Something I wrote and someone else believed in enough to spend his company's hard-earned money to edit, format, bind, print and advertise.

I think I'm swooning.

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