Monday, December 12, 2005

Galleys Out!

The galleys are here! On Saturday afternoon, I received the PDF file from my publisher/editor, Bob, formatted like it will appear in print. I'd provided him a basic JPG map of The Kingdom of Thendylath, which he "transformed into a vision of beauty and antiquity." Seriously, it's quite nice, and even has runes around the edges! I like what he did with it.

So my job is to proofread it and return a corrections list to him, preferably by Wednesday. Seeing as how today is Monday and our company Christmas party is tonight, and I've only done about 110 pages out of 389, I don't think I'm going to make it. He's going out of town, which is why he'd like to get it before he leaves. Will the world end if it takes another week? Probably not. We've already missed Christmas, so another week won't matter.

I must say, I'm pleased and a little surprised at how few changes he suggested in my story. So far, the changes are good, and I've only one minor disagreement. He said he thought the manuscript was exceptionally clean. Actually, he said a lot of very nice things, but since it would seem like bragging or tooting my own horn to quote them, I won't. I'll just summarize by saying he REALLY liked the novel, and made a comment I've heard again and again: he didn't want it to end. That bright glow to the west? That's me beaming. :)

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