Monday, October 31, 2005

In Editing

My novel has officially entered the Editing Phase! You may have noticed that today's date is 10/31, so probably my book won't make its target publication date of "October 2005." :) Well, things happen. In this case, it was a category three thing called Wilma. If you've ever been through a storm with hurricane-force winds, you probably understand why my editor didn't get to editing my book on time. Seeing as how he lives in the Wilma's path, he was probably too busy boarding up his windows, stocking up on water and canned goods, and so forth to worry about whether the first sentence of the second paragraph on page 152 should have a period or a semicolon.
But now Wilma's gone, and life is going on. And my manuscript is being edited by a professional editor at a publishing house.
And my publisher and I talked about my pseudonym. Actually, we emailed each other about it, but whatever. I'm using K.C. May. K is for Karen, C is for Collins, my grandma's maiden name. My two grannies are among the women who've inspired me most, so I wanted to pay tribute.
Of course, the title, 'She Whom I Most Admire' goes to my dearest mom. She's awesome!

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SashaFoxx said...

I had a dog named K.C. Mae once... That was just a realization. You have to keep us updated on your trip through the editing process!! When I get there I'd like to know what to expect! :D