Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My book's cover

I got the first draft of my book's cover from the publisher today. Because I don't much care for most of the cover art on their books, I opened the PDF file with great trepidation, certain I wouldn't like it.
But I do!
The colors, the artwork, the layout -- it just appeals to me! They did a fantastic job, IMO, and I'm really happy with it. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!
He also asked for my author's bio, so I sent the paragraph I'd prepared a while back. Basic stuff about where I came from, where I am now, what I do, etc. And my dogs, of course. Can't forget the dogs.
I'm on page 205 of my book, as far as proofing goes. I won't get it done before my editor goes out of town, but that just means I'll have time this weekend to go through it once more to catch anything I didn't catch the first time through. Doesn't mean it'll be error free, of course. :)

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Jackie said...

I'm reading about all your fabulous news now. How terrific for you! When is your book due out?